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How Liqua Care Orthotic Insoles Work

Liqua Care contain a non-toxic, precisely measured liquid which flows through a patented liquid control system (see diagram below). Anatomically designed channels control the direction of the liquid for ensuring directional stability during walking or standing and for matching the flow of liquid to the structure of the foot.

Liqua Care can be easily inserted into most types of shoes and boots. High durability makes the insoles usable for work, sports, and fitness activities. Liqua Care is machine washable and antistatic.

Continuous Muscular Exercise and Pressure Distribution

Prolonged walking or standing causes fatigue in feet and legs, often transmitting to discomfort in other areas of your body. Research shows that the fatigue is caused by a decrease in the muscular venous pump function in the legs. A prolonged weight pressure from the body compresses the foot muscles and thereby impedes a normal blood circulation. Liqua Care Gel-Insoles contain a non-toxic, carefully dosed liquid. The presence of liquid under your feet distributes the pressure from your body weight over a larger area, i.e. increases the weightbearing planar surface of your feet (see diagram below). Simultaneously, the dynamic flow of liquid therapeutically exercise muscles in your feet and legs to improve the muscular venous pump function.

Thus, Liqua Care will completely change the way you walk and stand. Use of Liqua Care implies not only an unmatched comfort, but also a reduction of impact, foot fatigue and soreness. By daily use, tests show that Liqua Care can also help provide relief from for example swollen feet and legs, "cold feet", muscular soreness, and back pain caused by prolonged standing or walking. The insole may also be applicable to varicose veins, arthritis, shin splints and ankle pain, depending on circumstances. If you have questions, please consult your GP, District Nurse or Podiatrist.

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