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What are Liqua-Care Flowgel Orthotics?

Liqua-Care Flowgel Orthotics are a truly unique liquid gel prophylactic device that have revolutionised insole technology for the benefit of 'at-risk' diabetes sufferers throughout the world.

How do Liqua-Care Flowgel Orthotics work?

Liqua-Care Flowgel Orthotics use a highly viscous and precisely measured non-toxic liquid encased within a unique, patented, Liquid-Flow design. During use these pockets of liquid gently massage the feet as you walk or stand. This massaging, induced by the Liqua-Care, stimulates the small muscles in the feet resulting in improved 'Venous Pump' return (circulation).

Who are Liqua-Care Flowgel Orthotics suitable for?
  • People with "Diabetic Foot" - deemed to be 'At-Risk' of a Diabetic Foot Ulcer.
  • Diabetic Neuropathy
  • Raynauds Disease
  • Cold feet
  • Fatigued feet
  • Fore Foot pain
  • Plantar Faciitis
I suffer from excessive "Forefoot Pressure" - can Liqua-Care Flowgel help?

Yes. Liqua-Care Flowgel Orthotics have been clinically proven to reduce "Forefoot Pressure" by 21.5%

Are Liqua-Care Flowgel Orthotics a fully endorsed medical device?

Yes. Liqua-Care Flowgel Orthotics are the first prophylactic device to ever be approved by the NHS. Having been subjected to formal clinical trials providing exceptional results, Liqua-Care Flowgel Orthotics are now available accross the UK on prescription, for Diabetics. Contact your District Nurse, Podiatrist or Doctor if eligible.

Are Liqua-Care Flowgel Orthotics washable?

Yes. They are fully Machine washable, at a maximum of 60C/140F, and they dry very quickly.

How many sizes are available?

Liqua-Care Flowgel Orthotics come in 6 sizes, each of which covers 2 shoe sizes. They can be trimmed to length but please be careful and follow the enclosed instruction. If too wide for your shoes, go down a size.

The packaging says "with the fabric cover facing upwards" - but there's fabric on both sides?

This relates to when there was fabric only on one side. If you look at the insole, one side has deep dimples, the other is more flat. It's the flat side that should be upwards against the sole of the foot.

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