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Do not be a victim of a Diabetic Foot Ulcer!

The bad news: -
  • Currently there are nearly 4 million sufferers from diabetes in the UK.

  • 10-15% of those sufferers will develop a diabetic foot ulcer.

  • Nearly HALF of those with an ulcer will not survive more than 5 Years.

  • At present over 80,000 people in the UK have a diabetic foot ulcer.

  • A foot ulcer can appear healed but it's really only remission.

  • Over 130 amputations take place EVERY WEEK in the UK, most preceded by an ulcer.

  • Half of the above will survive less than 2 years - the average being less than 5 years.

  • Nearly half of those with a foot ulcer are clinically depressed.

The Good News: -

  • You do not need to be included in the above statistics.

  • Liqua Care is the first ever prophylactic device accepted by the NHS for prescription issue.

  • Liqua Care was accepted for prescription based on hard, clinical facts.

  • Clinical trials have proved beyond doubt that Liqua Care do prevent foot ulcers.

  • Liqua Care is available on prescription NOW. Contact your District Nurse, Podiatrist or Doctor.

Liqua Care Insoles

Now available Free on presecription
to NHS registered diabetes sufferers.

How They Work

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Liqua Care in The Diabet Foot Journal.

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